These celebrities are head over heels in love

The following celebrity couples are very much in love. There is no denial that they have managed to master the art of romance and relationships.

1 Selmor Mtukudzi and Tendai Manatsa

The adorable pair is often spotted together. They are like a pair of doves, never leaving each other’s side. Most people have witnessed what real love is through Selmor and Tendai. Not only do they share a delicate bond, they also have a passion for music that brings them even closer together. The way they playfully fire shots at each other during interviews shows deeper level of mutual understanding.

2 Mai Titi and Mr Obina
The newly hitched couple has been making the headlines of late. Mai Titi is head over heels in love with her Nigerian lover. Social media has been blazing hot with some intimate images of the new couple.

3 Fantan and Gamu
The dancehall producer and singer is a true family man and loves to show off his wife Gamu. The two have come a long way.

4 Madam boss and Mhofela
Comedian Tyra Chikocho and her husband Ngoni are simply couple goals. The two are the ideal model of what having fun in love entails. They act alongside each other in comic skits and do business as one unit. Most people admire their relationship and the way they allow each other to express themselves. Madam boss has often come under fire for her dressing but her husband has always been supportive of her choices. The two are very much in love.

5 Mambo Dhuterere and wife
Mambo simply adores his wife. He has often confessed his love for her on social media. The two are inseparable.

7 Uebert Angel and Beverly
Even men of cloth are no exceptions to falling in love. In spite of their religious calling, they also have personal relations to nurture. Prophet Angel and his wife are a clear example of a successful love story

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