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These celebs have the most loyal fans

There are some celebrities that you would never want to mess with. They have an army of loyal supporters that can tear you to shreds should you say anything negative about their favorite star. Here is a list of celebrities with the most loyal fans.

1 Winky D
The zim dancehall chanter has a legion of fans who will stop at nothing to defend him. This has been evident in a number of incidents on social media. Early this year, comedian Ray vines bore the full wrath of Winky D’s followers after doing a comic video while making fun of the singer. He was lambasted left, right and center for the video and eventually had to issue an apology. He also worked on another video in which he highlighted how the fans had made his life miserable.

Fellow dancehall artists have also had to defend themselves from Winky D’s fans. Even when there is a debate on who the best musician in the country is, Winky D already has garnered support.

2 Mai Titi
Forget the sharp tongue and massive clap backs on social media, Mai Titi has very loyal fans. The comedian has managed to gather support over the years due to her comedian work and business ventures. She is one of the most sought after celebrities on social media. Whenever she is involved in a public fight on social media, her fans show some massive support.

3 Ginimbi
The rich business mogul has proved to have more friends than foes on social media following his recent altercation with controversial man of cloth Passion Java. The amount of support that he received from social media clearly shows that Ginimbi has all the connections in the right places

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