Arts industry mourns the death of Gringo

Reports just received have confirmed the death of popular comedian Lazarus Boora commonly known as Gringo. According to a report in The Herald, the comedian passed away this morning. He was aged 47.

A close family member confirmed to the publication that Gringo died this morning at Westview Hospital in Zimre park where he was admitted. He had been suffering from a stomach ailment. A few months ago, Gringo underwent surgery to try and address the stocah problem. Most of his hospital bills were footed ny socialite Pokello. He however relapsed and has been critically ill.

Gringo rose to fame by playing a cunning gardener in the popular drama series Gringo. He was known for his impressive feats and hillarious jokes that made him a television darling. He later on starred in the sequel to the drama called Gringo ndiani. The self proclaimed “best cooker” was also a hit with fellow employees where he worked including the house maid Madhumbe. He would occasionally throw them under the bus for their misdeeds.

Gringo leaves behind a rich comic legacy. The void he has left will be difficult if not impossible to fill within the entertainment industry. People were falsely spreading death rumours of the comedian yesterday but he has since passed away as confirmed by close family relatives. Social media users have expressed their grief at the passing on of someone they have termed a legend within the arts industry.

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