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Bushiri’s legal woes worsen

This has been a torrid year for prophet Bushiri. The controversial man of cloth has been at the centre of a serious legal wrangle. It never seems to rain for the famous preacher who has had some additional criminal charges added to his already long list of other charges. Bushiri now has two counts of rape added to his charges after two women made some allegations of having been molested by the man of God

Bushiri fled to Malawi his country of origin after being granted bail in South Africa. Several warrants of arrest have been issued against him and prosecutors are sorting out paperwork to have him extradited back to South Africa. Some of the assets belonging to the couple such as their multi million dollar mansion have since been forfeited to the state in South Africa.

Bushiri has responded by claiming that the rape allegations are yet another ploy by his enemies to bring him down. He has since maintained his innocence. Bushiri is facing a slew of criminal charges ranging from fraud to money laundering.

Bushiri has a large group of followers both in South Africa and all over the world. Although he was hauled before the courts on several charges, his legion of supporters have stood by him professing his innocence. Even when he appeared before a magistrate in Pretoria, the man of cloth and his wife were greeted by hundreds of followers shows their support. Even foe turned friend prophet Mboro came to offer his support.

One of the women who laid a rape charge said she was relieved when she learnt that Bushiri had gone back to Malawi. She claimed to have been intimidated and says she now feels safe. Bushiri’s legal woes have been a topical issue of late. Some prophets have shown support. Local prophet Uebert Angel and several others have wished Bushiri well

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