Heartbreaking:Marry Chiwenga wheeled into court on a hospital bed

Heartbreaking images of Marry Chiwenga have been circulating on social media. The former wife of the vice president and health minister Constantino Chiwenga was recently wheeled into the courtroom on a stretcher and later made to sit in a wheel chair to attend her court hearing. The visibly ill former model looked frail and was in obvious pain as she made her court appearance. Marry’s case has failed to take off several times due to her health woes.

Marry is facing a number of criminal charges including attempted murder and fraud. This year has been a torrid one for her. Apart from her health issues, Marry languished in remand prison for several weeks after being accused of trying to murder her husband. She has been in and out of the courts several times as she also had to deal with her divorce case.

Social media has been abuzz with comments over her situation. Most people sympathised with her and those advocating for the feminist movement said it is quite sad that women could be treated in such a manner in this day and age. Marry’s lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa is set to make an application for the cancellation of an arrest warrant issued against her and for yet another postponement of her matters due to the health problems. Marry suffered some injuries at the Bulawayo bomb blast. She has maintained her innocence in relation to the criminal charges against her. She has claimed that her former husband is merely abusing his powers

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