“I do not regret it” Confessions of a woman who murdered her four kids

Emelda Marazana, the woman who stands accused or murdering her four children in cold blood had claimed that she does not regret her actions. The shocking confession was made on ZBC news. Marazani said she does not regret her actions at all and that her husband loved the children more.

Marazani went into a murderous fit after having some infidelity squabbles with her husband. She is alleged to have seen a message from a lover in his phone. In a bid to fix him, he murdered their four kids in cold blood. Marazani, who works as a shopkeeper did not go to work on the dreadful day. She tied her kids with a rope and slit open their throats. She later tried to burn down the house with them in it. After committing the heinous act Marazani drank some poison and handed herself over to the local police.

She is currently admitted at Chivhu hospital and has admitted to not having any remorse over murdering her own four kids namely Amanda aged nine, Yolanda aged five, Ayanda aged three and Glenda aged one. Marazani also claimed that she had killed the children because her husband loved them more than he loved her.

The spine chilling incident has caused outrage and most people have been lashing out at Marazani for taking away innocent lives. Some have spoken out against parents exacting vengeance over infidelity on their innocent kids. The woman’s sanity has also been questioned and calls have been made that she should have a psychiatric analysis done.

The story has revealed the societal ills that have befallen our nation. Cases of parents murdering their own kids have become common.

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