Jah Master loses instagram account to hackers

Jah Master is the latest victim of hacking. The zim dancehall chanter recently announced through a video that his old Instagram account had been hacked. He lost a large number of followers.

The unfortunate incident comes just days after the star successfully performed in Capetown, South Africa alongside Anita Jaxson, Killer T and other musicians. The star whose former Instagram handle was @jahmasterofficial630 had amassed over 100k followers before the hack. The ‘Hello Mwari’ singer will now be starting afresh with a new instagram account named @jahmasterzw. The Zim dancehall star apologised to fans for the inconvenience and invited them all to follow him on his new account.

It seems it never rains for the embittered singer who recently had a bad publicity tap after kicking a fan who had climbed into the stage. Jah Master has indeed been doing a lot of apologizing this week. It is still unclear if the hacker was just an unknown user with malicious intent or someone who knew Jah Master’s login details. Searching for the old handle now produces no results. Hacking of accounts has become a common trend on social media. Mai Titi also suffered the same fate recently but was fortunate enough to regain control of her accounts. Hackers are targeting accounts of prominent people .

Jah Master has since become a very popular figure following the release of his song Hello Mwari. His popularity however took a down turn when he assaulted a fan but he was back up again after issuing an apology. He even went out of his way to compensate the poor victim. His loyal followers have already started following him on his new page.

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