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Mai Titi bids farewell to her South African fans

Mai Titi has announced a sudden end to her South African tour. The comedian had been lighting up various parts of South Africa, meeting her fans and making several performances. She recently took to social media to announce of her return home citing that she need to heal first. The comedian said she had gone to South Africa specifically for her health care and needs time to heal and recover first.

The comedian recently went under the knife for a liposuction procedure as well and some face peeling. She gloated about it on social media and expressed gratitude to her new bae Mr Obina for footing the hefty 50 000 rand bill. She proudly showed off her super flat tummy.

Mai Titi has been living it up in South Africa including meeting up with controversial performer Zodwa wabantu. The two were spotted together on a girl’s outing,sharing stories and having a laugh. Mai Titi had fans scrambling for her attention in South Africa. Those in parts where she did not reach begged for her to pay a visit.

Mai Titi has indeed proved to be one very popular figure. Fans expressed disappointment at her sudden departure as they had been eagerly waiting to see her.

Mai Titi is one major force to be reckoned on the social media scene. She commands a very large following. Fans wished her a speedy recovery as she comes back home to rest. The comedian is on cloud nine following the surgical procedures that she underwent.

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