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Mai Titi makes known her rap skills

Comedian and singer Mai Titi is making waves on the music scene yet again. The singer has sent social media into overdrive with her new hip hop tune. The song features Fay bay. The song has certainly attracted so much attention. The 23 second teaser has had people reeling in excitement and some in shock at her smooth flow and high level of rap skills which most did not foresee.

Mai Titi has been making her mark in the music industry. Some of her songs such as Utange neni have been receiving a lot of airplay on radio and even regional platforms such as Trace Africa. This new hip hop tune has the singer dropping some serious bars. Social media users have expressed shock and confessed that they were unaware that the singer can also rap like a pro. Some, however, advised her to stick to her usual genre and not hip hop. The general feeling however is that most people are stunned at her skills. Mai Titi has emerged an all rounder in terms of her abilities and talents.

The comedian was recently living it up in South Africa where she had gone for a liposuction and face peeling procedure. She also had time to mix and mingle with fans before abruptly cutting off her trip in order to give herself time to heal from the surgical procedure.

Mai Titi had fans begging for more on her recent trip to South Africa. She also had people scrambling for her attention when she went on a UK tour early this year. Apart from music, the comedian has also been focusing on her business and other humanitarian projects.

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