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Mambo ndini at the centre of social media wars

Local entrepreneur Mambo Ndini has been causing a stir on social media. The 1202 herbal solutions boss has been picking up fights with almost every celebrity he could think of online. The business man has now become the centre of attraction as social media users weigh in on his sanity.

Mambo started off with controversial man of cloth Passion Java. He made several claims about the preacher being a fake prophet and challenged him that he was actually richer than the outspoken prophet. This did not go down well with Java who clapped back at the entrepreneur.

Mambo and Java have been at odds ever since the confrontation. Social media users have had mixed reactions to the beef with some castigating Mambo for trying to ride on other people’s fame. Mambo is well known in business circles for his herbal solutions that he sells in Zimbabwe as well as abroad. He has even roped in the likes of Miss V Candy, Madam boss and Freeman as his brand ambassadors.

Mambo has also been squabbling with zimdancehall musician Uncle Epatan. He claimed that the singer had been begging him to take him under his stable. He then claimed that at one point, uncle Epatan had thrown some serious shade at his business and hence he would not assist. This also caused outrage on social media. Uncle Epatan, who is quite the people’s favourite, lashed out at Mambo recently and said the business man was simply looking for relevance. He also claimed to have some recordings of Mambo that would prove otherwise.

Social media wars are not a new phenomenon and Mambo Ndini has proved to be a loose cannon. Some have even advised him to go off social media for a while. It seems his fights will not be ending anytime soon given the time and energy that he seems to have when it comes to poking jabs at other celebrities

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