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Moana’s mother claps back at those questioning why she wears her late daughter’s clothes

The late socialite and fitness fanatic Moana has been trending over the past few weeks following a legal wrangle between her parents. Her mother has been caught up in the public eye for days now as she pursued a court case to have burial rights for her child. People have been cognisant of the fact that she has been wearing some of her late daughter’s clothes leading to a social media debate on the appropriateness of such conduct. And Yolanda has clapped back at the views, asking people to mind their own business.

Yolanda said her late daughter was now based in South Africa and had given her most of her clothes. She said she is proudly wearing clothes given to her by her own child, in essence her own clothes. Yolanda also claimed that Moana would at times buy clothes in duplicate and the two would have twinning outfits.

Yolanda has been embroiled in a nasty fight with Moana’s father Mr Amuli which has since been resolved by the hour high court. Judge Kwenda awarded burial rights to the father Mr Amuli who is of Islamic religion.

Yolanda has been seen wearing some of Moana’s famous outfits. She is not backing down on taking Mr Amuli down and has vowed to institute criminal charges of rape against him citing that he molested her when she was only 15 resulting in Moana’s pregnancy. She has also made claims that Mr Amuli’s son impregnated Moana when she was still young.

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