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This is the most heartbreaking picture on social media right now

A heartbreaking image of Moana’s daughter has been doing the rounds on social media. The innocent faced and beautiful little girl was pictured wearing a t-shirt in honour of her mother’s memory. So touching is the image that most people have actually confessed to have cried at the sight of it.

Kyra is the only surviving child of the late Moana. Most of her fans were not even aware that she had a child. Kyra is from her first marriage. Moana’s sister however confirmed that she was six months pregnant when she met her tragic fate. Kyra might have met her little sibling if only the accident had not occured

The little girl is all smiles as she poses for the photo with the inscription “Rest in peace mom” on her t-shirt. Comments have suggested that Kyra might not be aware of the stark reality that she will never see her mother again in this lifetime. Social media users felt sorry for her. Kyra bears a striking resemblance to her mother. She clearly inherited her mother’s beauty genes

Moana died in a tragic car accident that also claimed the life of flamboyant business man Ginimbi. The two were friends.

Social media has been awash with comments and some have said Moana could have lived to see her daughter grow if not for the love of partying.

After a night of celebrating her birthday at Ginimbi’s club, the 26 year old met her tragic fate. She had recently been engaged and ha proudly showed off her ring instagram while announcing that she was now off the streets. Moana’s funeral is being held at her mother’s house in Highfield

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