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Top 5 celebrity selfie addicts

Celebrities often want to put their best photos forward. Some of them can’t seem to get enough of posing in front of the camera. Here are the top five selfie addicts for this year.

1 Madam boss
The comedian turned entrepreneur loves to take pictures of herself. She posts pictures whenever she gets a new hairdo, goes out with family or friends and as a brand ambassador for various companies, she simply has to show her face on social media many a times. Madam boss really knows how to put her best shots forward and fans love it.

2 Seh Calaz
The mubhanditi hitmaker has a reputation for being smart. He also loves to show his sense of style by flooding his social media pages with dozens of selfies.

3 Mudiwa
The rapper has that infectious smile that would brighten anyone. Taking advantage of that, the rapper often posts his pictures on social media. Mudiwa also loves to show off his adorable son and the two are constantly snapping around.

4 Pokello
The queen of swagger does not shy away from flaunting her body in from of the camera. Pokello loves to serve some eye candy to her legion of fans and they love it.

5 Kim Jayde
SA based Zim model and television presenter Kim Jayde is no newcomer to the world of selfies and instagram posts. When it comes to pictures, the model makes them rain. Her followers are so addicted to watching sizzling hot images of the presenter

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