ZESA explains the reasons for power cuts

There has been outrage over continued power cuts across the country. Most have lashed out at ZESA for failing to make plans to ensure the availability of electricity leading to frustration across the board. Load shedding is not a new phenomenon in the country.

There have been frequent power outages this year. Th situation has been a heavy blow for most businesses. People have been lashing out at the major power utility company and venting their anger. ZESA has since issued a statement to give clarity on the matter.

The statement from ZESA reads as follows:
ZESA Holdings would like to advise its valued customers countrywide that there is limited power supply in the national electricity grid due to technical faults at Hwange and Kariba South Power Station.The depressed power supply situation has also been compounded by the unavailability of normal import levels due to supply constraints in the region.Restoration of service to optimum levels is currently underway and customers are advised to use the available power very sparingly, especially during the morning peak periods of 0500hrs to 1000hrs and evening peak periods of 1700hrs to 2100hrs.Customers will be updated as the situation improves.The inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

ZESA Holdings

There has also been the issue of a massive electricity debt to neighbouring South Africa. Faults at Hwange power station have also been another problem.

The rainy season poses an even greater threat to the issue of continued power outages. Most people have resorted to the use of alternative sources of power such as solar energy. People have also bemoaned electricity tariff hikes.

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