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Zimbos lash out at Rolls Royce following Ginimbi’s death

Rolls Royce company has come under fire from Zimbabweans following the death of Genius Kadungure affectionately known as Ginimbi. The business man died on 8 November in the wee hours of the morning together with three of his friends Karim, Moana and Alichia. His Rolls Royce was involved in an accident and subsequently burst into flames. Although Ginimbi was pulled out alive he later died and his three friends were burnt inside the inferno.

Zimbabweans have now flooded the Rolls Royce twitter and Facebook pages with comments, demanding an explanation on the safety features of their luxurious car. Ginimbi was a known Rolls Royce customer and his death in their supposed safe car has caused furore. People have been lashing out at the car manufacturing company for producing sub standard cars.

The issue also comes in the wake of comments by Nick Mangwana who recently tweeted about fake cars being on the international market. He tweeted,”Fake supercars are becoming more and more common, with suppliers in China and South America producing fake Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bugattis based on cheaper donor sports cars providing chassis and mechanicals”. Although social media users were quick to shoot down this message, some have actually conceded with the minister.

Ginimbi is alleged to have been driving his car at a very high speed when he hit a blue Honda fit. The driver and passenger of the Honda fit escaped unscathed while Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce was reduced to ashes. Those that arrived at the accident scene immediately after the accident claimed that they failed to open the car doors or to retrieve his friends who were putting on seat belts. The whole incident has boggled the minds of most people who have been left wondering whether the Rolls Royce company is indeed making cars that are up to standard

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