Fantan finally put behind bars

Music producer Fantan of Chillspot records is in hot soup with law enforcement authorities after hosting a party on new year’s eve. Reports have confirmed that the Chillspot producer has since been arrested together with his accomplices Levels.

According to a report on ZBC news, 52 people have since been arrested in connection with the massive gathering that attended the bash in Mbare. Police had to move in to stop the celebrations fearing the safety of those in attendance.

The current covid 19 statistics in the country have since indicated a rapid increase in the number of recorded cases and deaths. People seem not to be heeding to calls to observe safety measures in order to stop the spread of the virus. Speaking on the issue of the Mbare bash Assistant Commissioner Nyathi pleaded with the public to remain vigilant and cautious in the face of the covid 19 pandemic. He stated,”We want to urge the public,let us be responsible. Covid 19 is real. Let us not wait for someone to tell us to behave responsibly. Let us not wait for somebody to tell us that covid is killing people daily including in our own country. Please I want to appeal to the public ,let us be safety conscious and fight the covid 19 pandemic together. Let us support the efforts of the government, let us not take things for granted and cry foul when we have contracted the pandemic, when someone has died”.

Fantan managed to gather a large mass of people in Mbare and put out some speakers as a way of ushering in the new year.

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