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These two celebrities have been flaunting bricks of cash

Some celebrities are already showing off bricks of cash barely a month into the new year. While most people are bemoaning a cash crunch, some of our local stars are already swimming in money and flaunting it for fans to witness.

Model and brand ambassador Jackie Ngarande sent social media into overdrive recently after showing wads of US dollar notes. She claimed to have opened her piggy bank. Most social media users said the model was clearly showing off her savings which most people would never be able to hold in years. Some said it was not necessary for her to gloat about her fortunes given the current economic down turn which has seen most people struggling to earn much.

Mudiwa hood also took to social media to show off two thick bricks of US dollar notes. The rapper is well known for his pompous attitude as well as loud mouth. Mudiwa simply captioned the image, “shut up and make money” a phrase that has become synonymous with the rapper. Mudiwa is evidently living the good life and raking in the cash. A few days ago, he announced on social media that he had bought his one year old son a car.

Of course, there are celebrities that are struggling to make ends meet but it seems Jackie and Mudiwa are far from being in such a situation.

Some people have been questioning how the two have managed to stay afloat during such a difficult time. Flaunting of cash in no new phenomenon among celebrities. Last year Wicknell Chivhayo sent social media into overdrive after posting a picture with tons of cash in front of him

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