Will Gemma Griffiths get enough votes to represent Zimbabwe at the MTV awards

Music heavyweight Gemma Griffiths has started the year on a positive note. The singer has been picked as one of the contenders to represent the country at the Mtv Africa Music Awards. The singer surely stands a great chance at the prestigious awards show which endeavours to reward talented artists from Africa. The sweet faced singer will have to get enough votes to beat other artists who have been nominated in order to represent the country.

Gemma has rare talent and the fact that she is eloquent in both Shona and English has made her a force to be reckoned within the arts industry. She has released chart topping songs such as Ndinewe. Gemma has also collaborated with top artists such as Winky D. Their song Mugarden blew away audiences all over Africa. It seems this musical darling is set to take the arts industry to greater heights.

Gemma has proved her worth when it comes to script writing and her melodious voice is one of her greatest attributes.Gemma is garnering for votes to represent the country in the listener’s choice award category.

Gemma is one of the nominated artists to represent Zimbabwe including Shasha, Asaph Afrika and Winky D. While her competition is quite stiff, odds seem to be in her favour as evidenced by comments on social media. Gemma has emerged a people’s favourite, a darling in the music industry. Her consistency has made her one of the best female acts in the country and beyond.

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