Celebs turn up the heat at Gonarezhou movie premiere

Movie lovers have been talking about the premiere of the local movie Gonarezhou. While the movie made its first international debut last year in Los Angeles, it was only made official in the country last week. Social media has been awash with comments on the Harare premiere of the movie which attracted a lot of celebrities.

People had the privilege to feast their eyes on a number of stunning outfits donned by the cast and crew of the local movie as well as other celebrities including Misred and Gemma Griffiths. Misred stepped out in style in a nice cleavage out dress while Gemma opted for something rather more conservative. The premiere was indeed a solid fashion affair as the stars strutted their stuff on the red carpet. Tammy Moyo, a co star in the movie also rocked a funky and edgy look that left viewers stunned.

Gonarezhou is a movie that was done to raise awareness on the impact of poaching. It follows a young man who, discouraged by the hardships he faces in life, decides to join a poaching gang. The storyline is heavily premised on the realities that most communities face in terms of dealing with poaching activities and the importance of rangers who keep our wildlife safe. Poaching has become such a common problem in the country.

Last year, several elephants died after being poisoned with cyanide. A lion had been previously killed by a trophy hunter. A considerable number of people were also arrested this year in connection with poaching activities after being found with rhino horns and other treasured animal parts. They say ignorance is no excuse and the movie aims to empower locals with knowledge on the dire effects of destroying wildlife. The movie also stars celebrated actor Eddie Sandifolo and president Mnangagwa’s daughter. Gonarezhou is indeed a true masterpiece and judging by the massive attendance at the Harare premiere, the movie has indeed generated a lot of interest

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