Death of Jonas in Skeem Saam leaves viewers emotional

Most people have been talking about the latest twist of events in popular soapie Skeem Saam. The South African production is broadcast during weekdays on SABC 1. It has become a hit with the Zimbabwean audience and the lastest emotional spin has dampened the spirits of many.

The untimely death of Jonas is something that viewers are finding hard to fathom. A bubbly, young student whose life is abruptly cut off barely weeks after falling in love and winning the heart of his high school sweetheart. To add salt to the injury is the cause of his death, ripped to pieces by a lion as he and some friends got lost on a school trip in a game reserve. Indeed the death of Jonas has made Skeem Saam an emotional hub for most viewers who are still trying to come to terms with his passing.

The soapie has a reputation for eliminating some of its most loved characters in the most painful ways. A few years ago, viewers were left tear eyed as one Jama met his fate at a party. Like Jonas, he had also just found love and had a bright future ahead of him. It took months for viewers to accept his death.

Skeem Saam highlights the life of young kids as they blossom from being teenagers into adulthood. It follows the harsh realities of growing up. Most local people love this show and cannot afford to miss an episode.

It remains to be seen how Jonas’ friends namely Clement, Koloi and Noah will pick up the pieces and move on. His newly found girlfriend Emma is still an emotional wreck.

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