5 Simple Tips to Help You Save on Mobile Data Costs 

If you want to stay online longer at a lower cost, you need to learn how to control your data usage. Well, data costs can turn out to be a big challenge especially if internet access is costly in your country.

In fact, Zimbabwe’s mobile data is among the most expensive in Africa. However, this shouldn’t limit your online activities as there are various ways to help you save on your mobile data usage.

Here are 5 best tips you can embrace to reduce your daily data costs:1. Uninstall Apps You Don’t Need

Many people usually have lots of unnecessary apps on their mobile devices that consume background data. So to be on the safe side, you need to identify apps you don’t need on your smartphone and uninstall them.

This doesn’t only save on your data costs, but also saves your device’s storage space. Before uninstalling any app, you need to ensure you don’t tamper with the system apps. In most cases, you can’t uninstall them but you can go to the settings section and disable them. This will restrict these apps from consuming your data.

System apps come with your smartphone and help it to function properly. So first check its purpose before disabling or uninstalling it.2. Close Apps When You Aren’t Using Them

When you are done using a particular app, it is advisable to close it. This is because if you leave it open, it continues to consume your data and also affects your battery life. In fact, if you can log out of the app, then it is the best thing to do.

It is also good for your privacy. This is because if you don’t close the app and someone accesses your device, the person can visit your private accounts.

In fact, according to the South African Banking Risk Information Center, phone snatching is on the rise. And there’s fear that the thieves gain quick access to all your confidential information on the mobile phone including all apps. So if you leave them open like your social media, banking and casino apps, one may easily access any and use your information and finances. Remember some online casinos have fast payouts and the money can be withdrawn instantly. You can find some of these best instant payout casinos on top online review sites. From there the platform helps with finding the best welcome bonuses including free spins and gives you honest reviews on each casino. 3. Disable Background Data Usage

Many apps run in the background and end up consuming a large portion of your daily data. It means you need to deactivate the background data usage feature on your smartphones. 

You just have to visit the settings section and check your data usage. You will then be able to identify apps that consume a lot of your data. After identifying them, you can tap on any of them to open the options page. It will then have an option that allows you to restrict the app’s background data usage and you need to enable it.4. Embrace Wi-Fi Connections

Wi-Fi connections are great options to save on your daily data costs. There’s Wi-Fi in many places you visit regularly and you need to embrace it to use the internet for free. For example, many parks, restaurants, clubs, and schools have free Wi-Fi. 

You just have to switch on the Wi-Fi option on your smartphone. And it lists all the available networks in a particular place you can connect to.5. Disable Automatic App Updates

Most of the apps on your smartphone automatically updatethemselves. This consumes a lot of your mobile data. So you need to turn off auto-updates and only allow them when connected to Wi-Fi. Remember some of these apps need a lot of data to update and will almost consume all your mobile data with automatic updates.

The good news is that your smartphone settings give you two options. The first option allows you to completely limit the auto-update of apps and you can handle it manually by yourself.

The second option sets auto-update to only when connected to Wi-Fi and the ball is in your court to choose any of the two.

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