5 great business mentors we can learn from in 2020

The following five people are known to be good business coaches.

1 James Makamba
The business mogul has a tremendous record in terms of business accomplishments. He is still very much in the game. Makamba regularly dishes out business tips to his fans. He has given lectures at various business forums and continues to mentor young people in terms of business growth.

2 Strive Masiyiwa

Strive is one business mogul that any eager student would want to learn from. He occasionally holds business workshops to empower upcoming business owners. He is also a great mentor and sponsor, whose various initiatives have benefitted many.

3 Arthur Marara
The hot shot lawyer has some massive business ideas that he loves to share on his social media platforms. He has been advocating young people to open up their own businesses and giving out tips on maintaining them.

4 Nigel Chanakira

He is ranked as one of the best business people of all time in the country. Chanakira thrived at a time when the issue of entrepreneurship was still an unpopular subject. He continues share tips on business seminars and is still one of the most sought after business minds in Zimbabwe.

5 Tinashe Mutarisi

The young owner and CEO of Nash paints is also a force to be reckoned in the business industry. He started from humble beginnings and is best known for supporting other upcoming business owners. Mutarisi also has a humble heart and is known to be well acquainted with business ideas. No wonder why he has won so many business awards at such a tender age

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