Fresh in a box adds new features to its website.

Popurlar fresh produce delivery company Fresh in a box has redefined delivery service in Zimbabwe. The company has added new interesting features to its website thereby enabling clients to order goods with much more ease.

They have added a voice search which will allow clients to effectively search for items through the Fresh in a box e-commerce platform. The company procures fresh vegetables, meat, health products,alcohol and other goods and resells to consumers. Unlike other delivery companies that are still using archaic methods of trading, Fresh in a box has adopted a much more robust approach to trading.

The company had earlier on added a QR scanning feature. The website is indeed a convenient way for one to order goods and have them delivered to their doorstep without having to go through an ardous process. Most clients have raving about the website features and the way Fresh in a box has transformed their ease of doing business. The company is renowned for its world class service and delivery of fresh produce and high quality goods. Fresh in a box has certainly set the pace for other companies to follow.

Most companies in Zimbabwe that are involved in delivery services are still using manual methods and the telephone as modes of communication but Fresh in a box has gone the extra mile in engaging its customers.

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