Netone patners Zimra.

Netone recently announced its patnership with Zimra in which Netone subscribers can now access Zimra services on the Netone USSD. Netone subscribers will now have the privilege to pay for their business patner number as well as assessment number. By dialling *554#, the subscribers can initiate the payment process for the said services. A business patner number is used for purposes of identification identification whereas an assessment number is used to identify business tax arrears before making any payments. The platform is quite flexible and user friendly as it allows subscribers to pay for their business patner number either as an individual or a business. There is a wide range of tax codes and options to choose from such as the province that the subscriber is in and the amount that one wishes to pay. For an assessment number similar details are required but the distinguishing feature is that the status whether it is an individual or business applying is not required. Netone is a leading technological innovator in Zimbabwe. It has other offers such as onefusion and onemoney which have been handy in ensuring their subscribers trade and transact with ease. Although the telecommunications company has been lambasted for increasing data tariffs and charges, it still remains a leading network provider in the country, constantly upgrading its operations and services such as the latest patnership with Zimra.

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