Relief for motorists as petrol quality is improved.

Fuel users heaved a huge sigh of relief following the recent pronouncement by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority that it was reducing the blending of Ethanol to 10% from 20%. Motorists were crying foul over the quality of petrol in Zimbabwe. It simply did not last and would just dissapear from tanks leaving many motorists stranded. Zim drivers often found themseves going fewer kilometres unlike their South African counteraparts because of the poor quality petrol available in most garages.

The recent announcement has been welcomed with oen hands. Another issue is that most cars in Zimbabwe are white old and they came from a eriod where manufactures recommended a maximum of 10% Ethanol and the not the 20% available in the country. In a notice dated 5 December 2019, ZERA wrote,”Please be advised that the level of blending of anhydrous ethanol with unleaded petrol has been reduced from E20 to E10. Implementation is with immediate effect”

Fuel has however become scarce in the country with long queues being a common festure on filling station. It is also increasing inprice on a weekly basis. A litre if petrol is now costing around 18 rtgs dollars which is beyond the reach of many.

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