Ten things you didn’t know about Simon Rudland.

The tobacco mogul was shot in Johannesburg in a suspected assassination plot. Here are ten facts about Simon Rudland.

1 He is the co owner of the Gold leaf Tobacco corporation. A multi national company that deals in tobacco and cigarette distribution.

2 He is a member of the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association.

3 He is a major sponsor of Dynamos football club having made a cash injection of US 5 million dollars this year.

4 He is of Zimbabwean nationality but is based in South Africa. He has several business interests in Zimbabwe.

5 His net worth is estimated to be around US 98 million dollars.

6 He was fingered in illicit dealing involving the sell of illegal cigarettes in South Africa and manipulation of the cigarette industry.

7 He was shot at nine times on Wednesday as he arrived for a meeting in Johannesburg. One of the bullets lodged in his neck.

8 He was hospitalized and admitted in the intensive Care unit but has since been discharged.

9 He believes that one of his competitors was responsible for the shoot out. He remarked,”I’m 100% sure it’s oneo the FITA members. It’s such a cowardly act that they can’t confront me directly”.

10 His company is offering a reward of R10 million for any information on the assassination attempt.

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