Zimra introduces new system for individual traders with goods for resale.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has sparked a fresh wave of attacks following a recent announcement on individuals importing goods for resale in Zimbabwe. Zimra recently announced that all those who were buying goods in other countries for resale in Zimbabwe were now required to apply for a Business Patner Number. The goods will not be cleared at any Zimbabweans boarder unless the Business Patner Number and a valid Tax clearance certificate are produced. The new system has started being effected today.

There was an outpour of rage from cross boarder traders whose livelihoods depend on importing items such as clothes, food items, shoes and utensils. They have lamented the new taxing system citing that it will lead to losses in their businesses.

Zimra advised that all those importing goods exceeding Rtgs 8 000 are supposed to comply with the new requirements. They can apply for the Business Patner Number on Zimra E -Services platform. As the country moves towards restructuring its respective areas of trade, such measures have been implemented in various sectors of trade. The finance minister Mthuli Ncube, early this year,introduced a 2% tax in all transactions starting from rtgs 20. This was said to be necessary in order for government to acquire surplus revenue to alleviate the national debt. The so called austerity measures have however seen masses of people having their standards of living diminished.

Zimbabwe mainly thrives on goods imported from other countries such as South Africa and Zambia as local industrial production continues to dwindle. The once acclaimed bread basket of Africa has had its production levels coming down and now heavily relies on goods from neighbouring countries. It is the cross boarder traders that are crying foul as the new system will impact greatly on their trade.

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