13 super foods for a bigger butt

Nuts – cashews, almonds, peanuts, etc. All these different types of nuts are high in carbs and protein. Eating nuts often is the equivalent to taking Omega 3 tablets. All the daily nutrients you need you can get from eating mixed nuts. Make your own Trail Mix if you’d like.

Yogurt – The fattiness in the yogurt helps build density in your bottom. Spinach Avocado – When eating healthy food this fruit should be considered in your diet. The antioxidants keep the body fit, and the unsaturated fats in the fruit help the butt grow fast.

Tuna – Full of Omega-3 fatty acids. This superfood is beneficial to the booty. Tuna is a very healthy meal that helps the body so much. Ask your coworker or athlete friend what they are having for lunch? Don’t be surprised if they say, Tuna.

Oatmeal Potatoes – This food gets a bad rap for fast weight gain, but if you aren’t eating potatoes every single day it can be beneficial to weight gain in the hips and buttocks area due to heavy loads of vitamin A.

Brown rice Whole Wheat – This food is full of vitamins and minerals most importantly it has protein. If you are looking for a flour alternative, then you found it with wheat. Turkey – As long it is free of preservatives and low in sodium you are good to go.

Pork Tenderloin

Eggs – Two boiled eggs every morning or a poached egg will help immensely with your bigger booty diet. Eggs are loaded with amino acids and vitamin A to help with the growth of the bum.

Beans – Beans Beans Beans means more protein!

Milk – Drinking milk will help with the density of the bottom. Healthy bones mean the growth of a healthy butt.

Cottage Cheese

Quinoa – One serving of quinoa is the equivalent of having 9 different amino acids in your immune system. Amino acids equal more protein, and more protein means greater muscle growth in the hips and butt area.

Lentils Smoothie – 50% fruit and 50% protein you can’t go wrong with a smoothie a day to grow. Just be careful with too much protein intake.

Sweet Potatoes Lean Beef

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