Trending wedding cake themes.

Wedding cakes are a highly anticipated feature at weddings. Everyone wants to have sight of the cake at every wedding and a slice. At local weddings portions of the cake are given to family of the bride and the bridegroom These are the current trending themes when it comes to wedding cakes

Rustic wedding cakes

These cakes are not your usuall neat and cleanly decorated pieces. These ones adorned with various designs that might seem imperfect at first glance. Rustic cakes do not even that perfect clean finish but are instead often layered with different kinds of interesting stuff. Rustic cakes have become a common theme.

cakes with a traditional feel

These cakes are a symbol of culture and art. They incoperate issues of heritage, culture and at times totems. These cakes usually have traditional colours engraved in their designs. These have become a hit on morden weddings and at lobola negotiations.

Simple yet elegant cakes

These wedding cakes are timeless. A flawless white cake with minimal decorations and medium height is always a hit. This cake has simplicity and elegance written all over it. These cakes are also ideal for engagement parties and even birthdays. Gone are the days when wedding cakes were large, clustered cakes that would entirely overwhelm the eyes of guests. These days people are opting for simpler, lesser and more portable cakes like the one in the image above

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