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Olinda Creates A GoFund Me For Chivi Children

Businesswoman Olinda Chapel has set out to fundraise for children in need. As part of the mandate of her charity organisation The Chapel Foundation, she has asked the public to help fundraise for school fees for children in Chivi.

Olinda Creates A GoFund Me For Chivi Children

Olinda Creates A GoFund Me For Chivi Children

She posted on her social media that the foundation has been working with Childline and the District Social services team in Chivi. According to her post, area is in a state of emergenc as 800 plus children have been turned away from school due to none payment of school fees.

Chivi was hit by floods and families have lost everything including their farming fields. Many families are struggling as they have no money and are homeless.

School fees is going for $20 for primary school while secondary is $30. The foundation aims to try and fundraise $24k for this term.

The foundation has created a GoFund Me page for the fundraising which well wishers can pledge.

Olinda also added that this was not about her. She said,” This is no longer about Olinda Chapel. For a moment as a community can we put hate, trolling and drama aside and work together for the greater good. These children need us. So I am coming before you to humble myself and seek your assistance. Without your help I won’t be able to do this.”