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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vera

Zimbabwe has a number of talented female artists. Some are not as popular on the mainstream as others. However voices such as that of Vera are undeniable. The pint sized singer and songwriter has found her place. Check out the 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vera.

1. She was born Maria Vera Chisvo

2. She was born on 6 January

3. She plays the guitar and is self taught.

4.  Vera started singing at the age of 7.

5. She began her professional music career in 2009  at HIFA.

6. Vera has toured Europe in 2016 and performed at various venues in Germany and Poland.

7. To date she has performed at several festivals including HIFA, Miombo Magic, Musica Festival, Woman’s Arts Festival, Food Festival and the Oktober Festival.

8. She is an activist and philanthropist  who is passionate about human rights.

9. Vera has her own jewellery label ‘Zandi Wear’ based on bead work.

10. She loves the great outdoors particularly camping.

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