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Zororo Makamba Talks Going From Being The Odd One Out To Being A Young Business Tycoon On The Debut Of #TWZ

Zororo Mkamba’s Late Night Show’s first episode is out and we have to say Zororo is breaking new ground with the show. It’s nothing we’ve ever seen in Zimbabwe television and it gives us hope that we’re going somewhere with our entertainment.


Before talking to his first ever guest, singer Ammara Brown, Zororo gave the viewers an insight into his background. From foreigners being intrigued by his name “Zororo” to being made fun of in high school. The young media tycoon bared it all.

“If I had a $1 every time a foreigner said to me, “your name is like “Zoro” with an extra “ro””, I would be richer than Ignatius Chombo”, he joked. Zororo hopes by the end of the season people will know how to pronounce his name and most importantly remember it.

Showing photos from his childhood, Zororo talks about how tough high school was for him. A rival school had a war cry dedicated just to him. The song went a little like this, “Makamba aba polish, polish, polish, Makamba aba polish azora kumeso”.

Zororo doesn’t seem bothered by that anymore, he talks being described as business tycoon by The Herald at only 23. That, he’s not complaining about. “Any publicity is good good publicity”, he said.

With Ammara Brown being the first guest, we can’t wait to see the all the guests throughout season. Check out his first episode online.

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