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10 Things You Didnt Know About Cde Chinx

Sadly Cde Chinx Chingaira passed away after battling leukaemia at Westend Hospital. At aged 61, Dickson Chingaira had contributed immensely to Zimbabwean music.

Cde Chinx had for a while been rumoured to have died during his long illness. He attended the handing over ceremony of a house built for him by the Zimbabwe Music Awards. This was part of his ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award in appreciation of his contribution to the music industry during and after the 2nd Chimurenga.

Cde Chinx was born on September 27, 1955 and joined the liberation struggle in Mozambique in 1975 where he led the Zanla Choir. He is known for his revolutionary music which include songs such as ‘Maruza’, ‘Africa’, ‘Hondo Yeminda’ and ‘Mabhunu’.

Many entertainers have shared their sorrow while the political arena have commended the late singer’s work. In honour of the legend and ‘hero’, below are 10 facts about Cde Chinx that you didn’t know.

1. Cde Chinx was actually born Dick Chingaira Makoni instead of ‘Dickson’.

2. He started singing at a very tender age and was encouraged by his primary school headmaster to join the choir.

3. Chingaira got a place to study medicine overseas but he failed to acquire travel documents and the whole plan failed to materialise. 

4. Cde Chinx was joined the war of independence in Mozambique by liberation music he was hearing because of his love of music.

5. Cde Chinx was 25 at Zimbabwe’s Independence in 1980.

6. Cde Chinx joined Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) just after independence. 

7. He was part of the iconic group Ilanga which included the late Don Gumbo and Andy Brown. With the Group he performed hits such as ‘Zvikomborero’, ‘Ngorimba’ and backed on ‘True Love’.

8. His hit ‘Roger Confirm’ charted for 25 weeks on then Radio 3’s Hitpick charts in 1989 and early 1990.

9. He starred in the Chimurenga based movie “Flame”.

10. The popular 2002 hit ‘Hondo yeMinda’ was actually composed by Cde Chinx in 1979.

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