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DJ Towers Releases An All Star Cast Music Video ‘Kutsotswa Beans’

DJ Towers has been featuring in a number of music videos in 2017. Known for his comical antics both on and off camera, the former ‘Team Bhoo’ member returns with a new track.

Titled ‘Kutsotswa Beans’, the Afro house track was produced by non-other than Reverb7. The music video features an all-star cast of Simba Tagz, Stunner, Tiara Baluti, John Cole, Ronnie Dee, and MC Cut. The title of the song is taken from Shona street lingo which loosely means a ‘hit and run’ or ‘hook-up’.

The video shows Tiara Baluti as a storekeeper in a tuckshop who is wooed by Stunner. In other scenes John Cole shows off his dance skills. Simba Tagz sings along to the one phrased chorus whilst DJ Towers gives advice in a comical way.





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