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Tiara Baluti Calls Out Ex MC Cut On Social Media

Female rapper Tiara Baluti finds herself in yet another beef. This time it’s with Ex boyfriend, rapper MC Cut.

The Bad Gyal Flex rapper posted on her Instagram that she and MC Cut are over. It wasn’t public knowledge that the two were a couple. However it seems that the break-up is rather nasty.

Tiara posted in her stories the following:

MC Cut shared his side of the story. He said, “So on January 14 she got kicked out and she came and started staying with me. Because she didn’t have anywhere to go. So on Monday night I found a funny text in her phone from some guy and I confronted her then she replied hake ne rough so I kicked her out around 11 pm.”

She then posted a video which when you think of it, could be lyrics for her next track.

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