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Vimbai Zimuto’s Music Video that You Wont Watch With Your Mum

Vimbai Zimuto's Music Video that You Wont Watch With Your Mum

Step aside Kikky Badass, there’s a news shock queen on the rise. Vimbai Zimuto made a total 360 from her Afro Pop visuals alongside Andy Muridzo. The singer takes a seductive route in her new music video for ‘Hapana Kwaunoenda’.

The video starts off with Vimbai calling her love interest to confirm about plans of meeting up. The man declines but then goes to see Vimbai. Vimbai definitely has a plan cooked up. She begins to seduce her love interest.

From there the scenes are R rated and will make one feel uncomfortable watching with anybody, especially your mum or under 18s.

If fans felt that Kikky Badass’ ‘Body Conversations’ was pretty risque, then ‘Hapana Kwaunoenda’ takes sexuality to another level. In the Zimbabwean context that is.

We must say Vimbai Zimuto is dating as she shows off a lot of skin in the video. There are scenes where she’s making sounds of making love as well as a shower scene.

The video has been received with mixed feelings.

Check out ‘Hapana Kwaunoenda’ music video here.

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