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Genius Plans On Bringing Akon

Genius has becomes famous for bringing in other famous people. He is making it part of his roster international celebrity guests to visit Zimbabwe. Now the flamboyant businessman is planning on bringing Akon has agreed to perform in Zimbabwe for the second time.

Akon performed in 2011 in alongside Sean Paul at the National Sports Grounds. Ginimbi who has previously brought Boity, DJ Tira, Davido, and Faith Nketsi to name but a few.

Ginimbi said that all that remains for him to set a date with Akon is for him to secure the foreign currency required. However, due to the shortage of foreign currency, Ginimbi said that the concert will only be held when it is ideal to do so. Speaking to H-Metro, Ginimbi said,

Akon is now my guy. We had a fruitful discussion when we met in Los Angeles and we later had a 12-hour flight to Dubai. We are now in a position where all that’s needed is agreeing on the actual dates for a performance but the only problem is on my side because the foreign currency situation in the country at the moment makes it impossible to host an international artiste like Akon.

The costs are not manageable and no one would get into a loss-making transaction fully aware. I am hoping the situation improves and we will be able to access foreign currency that is needed for the show.

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