Apostle Chiwenga in horrific crash.

Outspoken man of cloth Apostle Chiwenga is battling for his life in hospital after being involved in a horrific car crash that claimed that life of his wife and three other people. He is said to be in a critical condition.

The fatal car crash came days after Chiwenga had made allegations that some state security agents were following him. Chiwenga is renowned for his crude and blunt remarks to politicians. He has always stirred controvesy with his blatant attacks on corrupt officials. His politically motivated sermons have drawn huge crowds to his church.

Chiwenga once came under fire by the vice president Constatino Chiwenga after he had prophesied of the death of two prominent political figures. The vice president had rubbished his claims as false prophecies and ordered him to stop uttering such sentiments.

It was only last week that the preacher had suggested that some top security personnel were tailing him. He even went on to say that he was willing to go and meet the president to which he was going to ask him to shoot him.

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