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Olinda Chapel opens up about her keto diet

2020 seems to be a year of self improvement and care for socialite Olinda Chapel. The UK based business woman and entrepreneur has been pampering herself. Barely a year after separating from husband Tytan, she is looking better than ever and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Olinda flaunted her new bod a few months ago. It was evident that the socialite ha lost a considerable amount of weight. She recently opened up about how she is now back to her dieting. Olinda said she is now back to keto and ready to roll. A few days ago, she wrote that she had stocked up her fridge and was preparing to go back to a diet regimen. Olinda has had to brush off negative comments about her body in the past. The heavy built socialite has been a victim of body shaming for quite some time. She seems to have decided to take action and shed off some weight and by the look of things, it is working.

Olinda had a nasty public fall out with husband Tytan last year. Most people speculated that she would never recover from the break up. She has however defied odds and is looking more confident and better than ever. A far cry from what people were expecting. After having a baby last year, Olinda is looking stunning and we hope she sticks to her keto diet

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