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Gemma Griffiths releases video

Gemma Griffiths released a new video yesterday titled Hakuna zita. The song is a popular gospel hymn but was given a new lease of life by Griffiths’ smooth melodious voice.

Griffiths revealed that she was inspired to do a video to the song following the death of legendary music icon Oliver Mutukudzi. He had earlier on indicated to Griffiths when they last met that it was his favourite song.

Oliver Mutukudzi also had recorded his own version of the song on one of his early albums. However what prompted Griffiths to release the song now was the effect of cyclone Idai that hit some areas of the country and neighbouring Mozambique and Malawi. Griffiths revealed that she hoped the song would bring peace amidst the national tragedy.

The video was shot in Mozambique in one of the musician’s travels. It is a true reflection of peace and tranquility as it was shot in a quiet, peaceful and serene environment.

Gemma Griffiths is one of the nation’s own jewels. In spite of being white she can sing fluently in Shona much to the amusement of many. Her recent collaboration with Winky D on the song Mugarden was sensational with the video getting a million views in a short space of time.

Gemma Griffiths’ rendition of Hakuna zita is surely set to soothe the nation as it deals with the devastating effects of the cyclone. Gemma also exhorted people to donate to the victims of the cyclone soon after releasing the video.

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