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Adrian Tate Has A Testimony On ‘Vari Gudhu’

Between changing his hairstyle and continuously promoting his music, Adrian Tate has a testimony. After releasing the music video for ‘Zvaunota’ the singer returns with ‘Vari Gudhu’. The song is a praise song for the almighty after Adrian experienced a ‘miracle’.

He shared the description of the lyric video and shares a powerful testimony. He shared:

“Sunday Testimony: Its been a bad couple of months, as you know Zim is HARD! I was forced to leaves school after my O’s and thankfully I was gifted with the ability of music. The problems I have been facing, as you can imagine, is that my skills in this type of economy isn’t on high demand! The work I can do on stage, jingles, shows, CD sells & production have been steadily drying up. Last week was especially TOUGH! Ndanga ndisina kana 5 Rand yeKombi! I was disparing, considering relocation, literally starving padheni! To proud to call anyone anymore to help. Mom called me… I ignored her calls… I was afraid she would ask me to send some money or to tell her the situation… She’s struggling already taking care of my little bro and grandma. At my darkest hour… something amazing happened. A random person in my message request on FB (not even a friend) sent me this message: “Hi Adrian, I love your music, I got it from a friend on her flash! I want to buy it, whats yourEcocash details, I want to send something! Keep it UP!”…

I was stunned. I thanked her and sent her my details… literally 2mins later… Beep beep… SMS from Worldremit: XXXX has sent you $50…. $50 bucks guys! Then I remembered that God does NOT forsake us, EVER. I’m here because of God. I breath because of him. I play instruments and can sing because of him. I have learnt my lesson. I immediately started humming this song (wrote it and recorded it in the last 24hrs) and thought I would share it with everyone as a reminder that through the hard times GOD has our back! HE IS GUDHU guys NO JOKE!”

What an inspirational message to accompany an uplifting song. Join Adrian Tate in praising the Lord with the video below:


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