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Nox, Master KG collaborate on new song

Zimbabwean urban grooves artist Nox Guni is currently working on a massive collaboration with South African house sensation Master KG. The duo is set to release a club banger that will rock the airwaves soon. Nox recently confirmed the news on social media and said the two were working on something.

Nox is famous for his smooth voice and love lyrics. He has indeed been rated as one of the best urban grooves artists in the country. He has also been in the music industry for some time making making him fully matured to release groundbreaking hits. He is one of the pioneers of urban grooves music in Zimbabwe.

Nox has released songs such as Zvandadiwa and Ndinonyara. Most of his songs have earned him respect and admiration within musical circles. Speculation is high that his collaboration with the ‘Jerusalem’ hitmaker will be explosive. Master KG is also regarded as one of the best artists in South Africa.

Fans are pregnant with anxiety to witness the new offering by the duo. They have however expressed optimism that the two artists will deliver

In spite of his controversies last year, Nox seems to be focusing on his career. 2020 promises to bring with it great opportunities for the artist

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