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Top 10 Hit Songs Produced By Roki In Celebration Of His Birthday

Roki is undoubtedly the most talented musician of the young generation. Not only can he actually sing, he is the man behind most of the urban grooves hits, from writing them, the catchy hooks, they all have the Roki signature on them. So we are just going to go ahead and agree with the man when he says he’s the greatest collaborator in Zimbabwe.

To celebrate the star’s birthday today, here’s our top ten ultimate instant hits produced or co produced by Roki.

1. Chidzoka- Roki

This song was the summer song in 2007. It was an instant hit with everyone. One of his many classics. The song also won Video of the Year award at the NAMAs.

2. Seiko – Leonard Mapfumo ft Roki

Seiko was the song that introduced us to Roki. The Roki with the bold head and nerdy glasses, how quickly time passes!

3. Ndichakutevera – ExQ ft Roki
Ndichakutevera was the birth of the great musical collaborations between Roki and ExQ. A great classic proudly Roki produced song.

4. Ndokuudza sei? – Mafriq

Another classic song that is still so fresh up to this day. If you listen closely you can hear Roki singing in the background and the hook. For this song, he’s a legend in our eyes.

5. Jesa – Trinity

The creativity and completely different hit from most of his songs. Always proving why he’s timeless.

6. Aiyaho – Roki

The melodies, the beat, what’s not to love even today? Hit after hit, Roki always brings it.

7. Suzzana – Roki

One of his timeless hit in his early career, this man was born to make music.

8. Maidei – Leonard Mapfumo ft ExQ

Great things happen when Leonard Mapfumo and Roki come together, we will keep on playing these while we wait for another new classic.

9. Number one – Roki

One of his latest songs, great song and always unexpected in true Roki style.

10. Alleluya – Roki and ExQ

A great song that will certainly make people dance come December, the video quality on point. Even with age Roki still has the moves.

Continue to share your talent with us. Happy Birthday Roki!

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