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Top 3 Student/Youth Bank Accounts In Zimbabwe

There are now a few banks in Zimbabwe with accounts specifically for the youth and students. Check out the top three banks you can open student/youth accounts with and what they have to offer.

student accounts

1. P.O.S.B Youth Account

The POSB Youth account is an exciting, affordable and easy to open account tailor-made for the youth. A debit (ATM) card is issued at account opening, so you can transact through our ATM’s and Zimswitch ATMs

  • No monthly service fee.
  • No minimum balance
  • Free Youth debit (ATM) card.
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • Access to POSB ATMs and those on Zimswitch
  • Youth card can be used to purchase goods in retail outlets displaying the Zimswitch logo
  • Cellphone banking via CellBank Β (buy airtime, check your balance, transfer funds and so much more)

Requirements for applying for a card are as follows:

  • Original and copy of National ID/valid passport.
  • To open your Youth Account, visit your nearest POSB Branch

2.Β  ZB Bank Student Account

-ZB Bank makes banking great fun with a wealth of benefits for students.

-By opening up a student ZB Sta$h bank account you are able to start and grow your own stash!

-This bank account gives you freedom to save, manage, transfer, deposit, withdraw, invest and earn rewards! While you grow- so does your sta$h.

-This account makes banking simple for all students.

-The great advantage of having a ZB bank student account is that it provides E-wallet banking, it link your phone number and your bank account so that you can top up your phone, do ecocash transfers to your account.

Requirements for Opening a Sta$h Bank Account

  • Operates as an ordinary savings account with zero deposit on opening of account and minimal charges.
  • Proof of identity, proof of residence, and 2 passport size photos will be required for account opening. Anyone above 18 years of age needs proof of studentship.
  • Once account is opened the student will be issued a student debit card.

3. CBZ CashPlus Teen/Junior Accounts

1. Cashplus Teen Account

The CashPlus Teen Account is a savings account for teenagers to save funds for their daily needs and encourage them to understand and assimilate a saving culture. The product encompasses the following features:
-Four free cash withdrawals per month.
-ATM debit card
-SMS alerts
-SMS banking

2. Cashplus Junior Account

-The CashPlus Junior Account is a savings account for children under the age of 12 which is operated by the parent/guardian. Regular deposits are to be made into the account by the parent/guardian
-Minimum investment period of six months.
-One free withdrawal per month from the seventh month.

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