5 Poses To Do Before Bed To Help Your Body Change

Most people take sleep for granted until they can’t get a shut eye. Sleeping especially at night is a way for the body to rest. There are factors such as too much caffeine or sugar intake and even stress that can cause one to toss and turn during the night. However to function during the day the body needs to have had a well-rested night’s sleep. Most people think that yoga is for certain people but it could be good for you. Scientific studies have shown the health benefits of yoga. You might not think of yourself as the flexible type however you will be able to relax and rest your body. Below are 4 poses to do before bed to help your body change and to sleep better.



1.Child’s Pose

This position relaxes your entire body including your mind. Stretch your arms out in front of you or let them relax at your sides. Breathe deeply as you do this pose at intervals.

2.  Bound Angle Reclining Pose

This is also known as the butterfly pose. You lie on your back, prop up your knees, place the soles of your feet together and gently let your knees fall away to the sides. Breathe all the way in to your lower belly.

3. Back roll

Lying on your back, take hold of your knees and rock gently from side to side. This is good for relaxing your back and spine.

4. Reclining Spinal Twist

Lie on your back, prop up your knees and then let them fall over to the right side. Stretch your left arm out to the left and gently roll your head to the left. Repeat the pose on the other side and breathe.

5. Fish Pose

Lying on your back with your arms on the ground at your sides, slide your hands, palms down, under your rear end. Lift your upper body gently upward and open your chest. Take five to ten deep breaths and then carefully remove your hands from under you.

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