Zimbabwe celebrates international women’s month

Women are undoubtedly an integral part of society given the immense role that they play in different spheres. As such the world will this month recognize the significance of women.

As the globe recognizes international women’s month a number of issues affecting women will come to the fore. The issue of sexual harassment at the work place continues to be a menace to modern day society as women are confronted with all kinds of abuse by their male counterparts at the workplace.

In several instances it has been noted that women are placed under undue pressure by male superiors which is tantamount to sexual harassment. Often a time cases of sexual harassment go unreported exacerbating the likelihood of such harassment continuing.

Ensuring that there are equal opportunities accorded to women is another worrying factor in Zimbabwean society with scenarios of selectiveness bordering along gender lines still prevalent. While some organizations are impartial and professional in their recruiting process there are still some cases of marginalization based on one’s gender.

The aspect of affordability of sanitary wear remain a major cause for concern. While some can afford to purchase sanitary pads vulnerable members of society continue to bear the brunt of expensive sanitary wear. Women organizations and pressure groups continue to push for a reduction in prices as well as the provision of sanitary wear for free.

The prevalence of rape cases continue to be a huge cause for concern raising the need for legislators to ensure women are adequately protected. Some cases of rape continue to go unreported thus pointing out the need for conscious efforts to ensure any man that commits a rape offense is brought to book. The world will on March 8 celebrate international women’s day.

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