How to Remain Focused While Preparing for Exams

The summer is coming to an end, the school year is about to begin, and every student is under the stress of passing as many exams as possible. However, it might be difficult to maintain the same concentration for a prolonged period of time, but the truth is that there are no great tricks. The thing is, above all, to be very methodical in study planning, to apply good study techniques, and to remove the elements and thoughts that come to distract you during study time.

Good Organization

The important thing is that you make the most of the time you have, whether it is little or a lot. It is important to write down your study plan and try to stick to it. It is a good idea to write down, next to your schedule, the actual time you used to carry out the task. Planning is something dynamic, so you will have to recalculate and adjust study times. Take five or ten-minute breaks after each study period. If you are studying with a good level of concentration, do not interrupt it because you have spent 2 hours studying, because in that case you can take a longer break and relax a bit before continuing.

Keep Away from Distractions

DonΒ΄t forget to disconnect your mobile phone while you study. If you do not respect your study time, do not expect others to do so. When you finish your study session, answer all calls or texts received and mention that you were studying. Little by little your close circle of friends will get used to not calling you at those times or not getting worried if you donΒ΄t answer fast. If necessary, save some time in your planning for mobile device management, but do it only at the planned times. Bear in mind that every time you lose concentration it will take you at least ten minutes to regain it.

Deconcentration is Normal

Having said that, it is important that you accept that deconcentration exists, as we are adults with many concerns and occupations and it is normal that they come to distract us while we study or work. ItΒ΄s ok to get distracted or to get overwhelmed by your thoughts, but when you start studying, the important thing is that you do not entertain yourself with any of them, so write down what worries you and assign time to it in your planning. Once the problem is resolved, it will not bother you again.

Find Time to Relax

Needless to say, no matter how hard you have to study, it’s essential you find time to relax and switch off from whatever you are working on. For some, a perfect way to relax is to do yoga or read a good book; for others, it is to enjoy their favourite games online. For instance, nowadays, there are many no deposit bonus casino websites, where you may receive bonuses without making a payment. One of the best aspects of this offer is that it carries a low risk, as you won’t lose any of your own money if you play with a no deposit bonus and lose. Furthermore, there are platforms that explain these bonuses and have step-by-step guides on how to easily claim them. Whatever method you pick, relaxing has numerous positive effects on your health and welfare, including lowering stress hormone activity, enhancing focus, and aiding in relaxation.

Feel the Music

It has been scientifically proven that listening to certain types of music can help maintain a good level of concentration. Classical, chill, bossa nova, etc. Any quiet music can help you keep your attention on what you are doing, as it will help you create a pleasant atmosphere around your desk. If you go around platforms like YouTube or Spotify you can find a multitude of specific music playlists to study and keep focused, that will help you in your study sessions.

Reward Yourself

Who doesn’t like a prize every once in a while? Set yourself clear goals and when you achieve them, treat yourself. The book you like, an afternoon at the movies, or a coffee with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time. This will help you a lot to do your best, and not lose concentration at the first distraction. Put it into practice and you will be amazed at the power that rewards have on your ability to concentrate, no matter how small they seem to you.

In conclusion, there are many ways to keep you focused, you just have to find the ones that work best for you.

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