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First Datsun production model for Russia to be unveiled in April

  • Datsun reveals a sketch of its first ever car for Russia
  • Datsun’s Russian consumer website goes live today
  • First official introduction of the Datsun brand in Russia
  • New Datsun model has been developed specifically for Russia

Datsun will pull the covers off its all-new car for Russia on April 4, 2014 in Moscow. And in advance of this symbolic event celebrating the brand’s entry into the dynamic Russian automotive market, Datsun has released a sketch and an animated video of the exciting new model.

The Datsun launch in Russia is particularly significant for the global expansion of the brand, as it is a key market that offers Datsun great potential for growth. It is also the first time in Datsun’s history that the brand has been officially introduced to Russia.

Datsun’s dedicated webpage for Russia goes live today with a countdown to the official launch date. The site allows visitors to register for the latest brand news, helping to build anticipation and customer interest in this new player in the market. Visitors will also be able to watch a live-stream of the unveiling on April 4.

The Datsun car to be unveiled was developed specially for the Russian market, but its concept follows the brand’s common global philosophy of offering customers (known as risers) an engaging driving experience, peace of mind ownership and accessibility at the right and transparent price with a competitive Total Cost of Ownership.

The car was styled in Japan, while development was carried out locally by an international team of talented engineers drawing on Nissan Motor Corporation’s 80 years of car manufacturing experience and technical expertise. The 21st century Datsun for Russia will deliver a rich, customer-orientated brand experience with no compromise in terms of accessibility, reliability and durability – values deeply rooted in Datsun’s heritage.

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