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Wave 110i with PGM-FI

Honda has highlighted its two decades of leadership in the Thai motorcycle market by launching the Wave 110i, a family motorcycle that offers the greatest consumer benefits.

honda wave

The Wave 110i is a trendy new vehicle in the “Modern Cub” style, designed under the “Precious Commuter” concept.

honda wave1

It features cutting-edge PGM-FI technology, which creates a new standard for the family category. To connect with its target consumers, Honda has chosen Dan-Worrawech Danuwong, a famous singer-artist, as presenter for the Wave 110i, which comes in three different models and eight different color schemes.

honda wave3

It will be sold from 15 January onwards at a starting price of 34,000 baht. Honda is targeting sales of 400,000 units per year for the Wave 110i.

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