Parents Complain over Form 1 E-application

Parents are complaining over the  newly introduced electronic application system for Form One boarding places claiming that they are having difficulties in using the platform as it was frequently collapsing. Parents Complain over Form 1 E-application.

Parents Complain over Form 1 E-application

Mr Mutemasango of Warren Park, Harare reportedly said that they are so worried to see the ministry telling them in newspapers that they should be expecting responses to their applications  yet the electronic application system has been inaccessible also  the ministry should just come clear on the issue. Some of them have not even managed to apply successfully yet they are telling them that they will be getting responses .

”The electronic application system is proving difficult to use. I had challenges with going to the next page as the system would just indicate that the page has stopped working. I do not know whether it is because of jamming or other problems. As a parent I am really worried because I have not managed to successfully apply for a place for my child,” added another parent.

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